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Workshops for everyone

We have a world renowned line up of instructors in attendance who will be giving you in depth insight into their perspectives, techniques and experiences in West Coast Swing.  You’ll be expanding your understand of movement and music with others at your own experience level.

Level Structure

We have 4 Tracks on offer at MSO this year.  5 hours in each plus

Track 2 –  Dancers should know at least your basic 5 moves and regularly attend Classes and Party’s
Track 3 –  You’re used to variations, stylings, advanced patterns. You’re visiting International events.
Track 4 –  Intermediate WSDC Points required.
Track 5 – Allstar WSDC Points required. (3 hours)

Allstar Track will only be on offer if we have enough subscription so don’t delay to let us know you’re planning to attend.

Private Tuition
Private tuition is available throughout the event with our instructors.  Our instructors have a high demand for lessons so make sure that you book early, maybe even message them ahead of the event.  There are many Allstar level dancers in attendance that are also available for Privates.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

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