Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin

Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin, Lyon/Montpellier, FR - Midland Swing Open Staff member photo

Virginie Grondin: Virginie started her dance training when she was only five years old. Beginning with the rock’n’roll and the Boogie, she moved to individual dances, like modern jazz, classical and contemporary dance. Virginie discovered WCS in 2007 and since, she is considered as the best WCS follower in Europe.

Maxence Martin: Previously high-level judoka, Maxence started his dance carrier in Lindy-Hop in 2005. Quickly felt in love with WCS, he has been trained in the US with the greatest. Atypical and out of the ordinary teacher, he draws the strength of his teaching in the knowledge of body and spirit control that he mastered in judo. Nowadays, Maxence is one of the most popular teachers in the world.

Maxence and Virginie started a great partnership in 2012. Today they travel all over the world together to teach and share their passion, West Coast Swing.