Paul Warden & Coleen Man

Paul Warden & Coleen Man - Midland Swing Open 2018 Staff member photo

Paul Warden & Coleen Man have both made great reputations through competing in WCS J&J’s. Both known for their social dancing as well as teaching they have recently teamed up to create a new partnership.

Paul was the 1st WCS Instructor of our modern age in the UK and helped establish an early foundation for WCS dancers in our region. He is a past World Linedance champion and his flamboyant personality shines through his dancing. Coleen has a background in Ballet and Modern Jive, she continues to teach Ballet to young people and now focuses her personal ambitions into WCS. She is one of the most successful European Followers in J&J competition which is a great accomplishment with so many fantastic Followers out there.

Paul offers guest spots at weekly classes and workshops.

Coleen Man hosts weekly classes and organises Swingfinity Monthly