Midland Swing Open host Pro's from across the world. Teaching west coast swing workshops, performing shows and inspiring us to be better WCS dancers.

 Levels 2 & 3 are open to everyone with a full weekend pass. Level 4 & 5 are for those eligible through WSDC competitions or by audition/invitation.  Audition (if necessary) will run on Saturday morning before classes begin for the day.  Everyone should be able to attend 15 of 27 hours of workshops if you are feeling up to it.
Level Structure
Track 2 -  Dancers should know at least your basic 5 moves and regularly attend Classes and Party's Track 3 -  You’re used to variations, stylings, advanced patterns. You’re visiting International events. Track 4 -  Intermediate WSDC Points required. Track 5 - Advanced WSDC Points required.
Friday sees a dedicated Level 2 workshop room. Saturday and Sunday we will combine levels to maximise use of space and give you more workshops.
Private Tuition
 Private tuition is available throughout the event with our instructors.  Our instructors have a high demand for lessons so make sure that you book early, maybe even message them ahead of the event.  There are many Allstar level dancers in attendance that are also available for Privates.  Don't hesitate to ask.